Starting Out: Beginnings

Ok we have completed a quick lesson on movement, now we are going to take our first step into game creation, it is important that we build our game in a written journal along side our digital creation as this will help us plan our goals, reflect on mistakes and structure our story. I would suggest reading through this post here on story setting.  Depending on your grade level you can adjust the level of detail and depth your students will write about.  The videos below will provide the tutorials for the basic skills in the platform but the written component will help your students ground their ideas and document their journey.


Materials: Computer and accounts for CoSpaces, game writing journal







The problem:  Can we create a setting for a game? Can you navigate an object through a maze? Can you move your object to specified postions while creating a natural looking transition process? 

Journal work is in white

CoSpaces work is in yellow

This sections goal is to:

1. We will start in a maze start to write about what that maze will look like, you could even sketch out a simple design for the maze, what does it look and sound like around your maze, we need the setting for our adventure! 

2. Learn how to use the transition blocks

3. Create the first 3D elements in your game

4. Move a character from point A to Point B using alogrithms

5. Show your own creativity and imagination beyond the instructional videos

Video 1

Video 2

Nice work you have just created your first environment and coded an object to move through it! Make sure your character is not touching any walls when they move.  Does your camera allow you to see everything your character does?










Lets level up, what about extending our maze out, adding some corners that maybe are not straight, placing some pictures on the walls?  There are so many things you can do to level up your work!