Starting Out: Movement Part 1

“Thus we are brought back to seeing the necessity for the educator to be an anthropologist. Educational innovators must be aware that in order to be successful they must be sensitive to what is happening in the surrounding culture and use dynamic cultural trends as a medium to carry their educational interventions.” — Papert, Mindstorms 


What could be a better medium for this than students creating their own games? The purpose of this lesson series is for students to go through the process of designing their own VR game.  This journey will combine L.A., Math, ADST and Art, writing, coding, 3D design and numeracy.  The tutorials are in evolution as we discover new techniques and ways to engage learners to construct their own knowledge and create work that holds deep personal meaning. These first three videos are an intro to the platform and first steps in developing skills in the 3D plane.  As we proceed elements across the curriculum will be added and weaved into the students creation.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3









How about adding some of your own code into the scene, could you make your animal run? Could it pause in a corner and say something? Maybe enter into a rocket and take off?