Starting Out: Variables

Materials: Computer and accounts CoSpaces Edu, your game journal







The problem: Our character will start in a room, what will that room look like? Can you create a room with a locked door and a key? Can you create a hallway with multiple items to unlock a door? Do you know what variables are used for?  Have you ever used an if else statement?

Journal work is in white

This sections goal is to:

1. Draw a room design with a hidden key (will the key be behind a painting?, Bed? Under a carpet?)

2. Develop a back story as to why you have appeared there

3. Use a variable to activate an event

4. Use an If/Else statement 

4. Add you own creative elements into the scene 












Video 1

CoSpaces work is in yellow

video 2

video 3






















3. Now lets go a little deeper, lets go down the hall and create an number variable with an "If/Else" statement. The variable starts at 0 but every time the player collects an item that number goes up by one!  If the number equals (=) 3 then the door will open!










Lets level up, that room is pretty boring, what could you add to it to make it more like a real room?  Check out how to do that by pushing the button

Video 4

4. Now that we have set our variable and have that change by one every time something is clicked we need to use an "If/Else" statement to the code.

Video 5

You are gaining some cool new skills, maybe you don't just want one door to open? Perhaps there is a bit of a story developing around that mysterious orange cat that is playing around on the floor.  Test your creation on another student, see what they say about your game design so far.