Using CoSpaces to build a custom Roller Coaster

Materials: Computer and accounts for CoSpaces Edu. A merge cube and VR head set is optional. You could use the tracking function on CoSpaces if you do not have a merge cube.

The problem: Can we design, create and code a roller coaster in CoSpaces and transfer it onto a VR or AR device?

Think of your favourite roller coaster. What colour was it? Where were you sitting? What sounds did it have? Can you recreate the feeling and look of that roller coaster and add your own twist to it?

Time to design your roller coaster in CoSpaces Edu. Here is a simple tutorial of a roller coaster. You can follow these to help but you need to be creative and add more coding and items in CoBlocks.

CoSpaces Edu pic.jpg

Click on the logo to see another roller coaster space on CoSpaces Edu.


- Share your drawing with a classmate and ask them to add on other aspects that might be their favourite.

- Test your roller coaster on the computer and VR if you have it. What might you change?

- Does it give you a real experience of a roller coaster?

- Can you add your own music? Your own audio? Maybe even your own photosphere?