Science Build: Solar System

Materials: Computer and accounts CoSpaces Edu, Tinkercad







The problem: How can we build and code a model of our solar system?

This sections goal is to:

1. First you will need to have the relative size and order of our planets 





2. Next you will need to grab all of the planets, you can get them from Google Poly individually or grab them all here


3. Lets add something that is unique to space to your model, maybe you want to add an astronaut, or a satellite, maybe a meteor? It's up to you to find something you like on Google Poly and import it into your scene as an extra item to code!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 6.51.43 PM.png



1. Follow the videos below

Video 1 

Video 2  

Video 3  

Video 4  

Now place this on your MERGE CUBE for the full AR experience click here

Amazing work! Now can you have the planets get bigger when you click them and give the viewer some information?  Can you add in the International Space Station or a comet.  Head back to your ideate phase and start writing down some new ideas for your presentation.