Starting Out: Lists

Materials: Computer and accounts CoSpaces Edu







The problem: What other elements could we add into our game to make things more realistic or more interactive?  How do we use lists to move multiple objects at once or separately?

This sections goal is to:

1. Our character is moving from one room into another, each room should hold a mystery, but the mystery in each room should somehow connect.  Write in your journal how what the connection between each room is? 

2. Learn how to build moving clouds in our game, then moving multiple mice across the floor when we trigger an event.

 3. Learning how to use a object collision to trigger an event, in combination with lists



1. Follow the videos below

Video 1 (move the clouds)

Video 2(trigger the mice)

Now that you know how to create lists go back to your ideate phase and think about how you could use this in your maze.  Perhaps you could shoot fireworks up when the player finishes a challenge, or fire out arrows from a wall when you step on the wrong colour? You can use lists to lauch rockets too check out the link if you are interested.


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