Using Tinkercad, CoSpaces and Merge Cube with Physics

Materials: Computer and accounts for Tinkercad and CoSpaces Edu. A merge cube is optional. You could use the tracking function on CoSpaces if you do not have a merge cube.







The problem: Can you design a car with a wheel, axle and a hub around the body so the car wheels will move? Also, can you use physics in CoSpaces and on the Merge Cube to view your 3D object?

This sections goal is to:

- Generate potential ideas or add to the one we have started for you already.

- Can you possibly draw a car that you would want to build? Remember it will need multiple angles and measurements.

- Choose an idea and pursue it. For this lesson, we suggest following our car, then when completed you can customize your own.



1. Start by copy and duplicating the link here in Tinkercad.


2. Measurements you will need to know when constructing these parts. All dimensions are in mm and it is length, width, and height (l x w x h).



- The wheel is 13 x 13 x 9.15                   


- The axle is 11 x 11 x 30       


- The hub is 13 x 13 x 9.15








3. Another important measurement you will need is

cylinder 5.2 x 5.2 (height varies)

(note) You are welcome to customize the size of your car

any way you want, however, these sizes work well for the first time


Video 1

Video 2



Open CoSpaces Edu here .

- You will drag your Tinkercad Stl into CoSapces Ed

Video 3 - CoSpaces


You can now place your project onto the merge cube or place it on the floor with the tracker


Video 3 - Merge cube


You have just designed your first 3D car, placed in VR CoSpaces and onto a Merge Cube. Looking back at the "Ideate" phase what are additional items you can add on your car in Tinkercad or in CoSpaces? Different wheels, different shapes, design your own body? Can you then create some of these in the "Prototype" phase in 3D and test in VR and AR?


Here are some ideas from this design that work. Use it as inspiration when customizing your own.